EPAL 18000 Ultra K

Gayley & Lindbrook Apartments




Construction of aluminum frames for a luxury apartment complex in the heart of Westwood Village in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles climate is considered subtropical-Mediterranean. It is characterized by abundant sunshine throughout the year. Moreover, the Los Angeles area is experiencing microclimate effects with large temperature fluctuations in close physical proximity to the weather events. Specifically, during the morning hours there may be clouds or fog that turn into sunshine early in the afternoon. Dew points in the summer range from 13.6°C in June to 16.2°C in August. The average annual rainfall has been estimated to be 384.6 mm of water, or 35 days per year, and comes in the form of sudden storms. As regards snowfall, it is considered extremely rare in flatlands, while in mountain areas snowfall is a normal occurrence during winter.

In order to better serve the users of the building and to ensure optimal response to the weather conditions prevailing in the area, the EPAL 18000 Ultra K range was selected. Moreover, the paint used for the aluminum frames was Medium Bronze D2000 by Akzo Nobel which is extremely resistant to the weather conditions, while fulfilling the strictest environmental specifications. The EPAL 18000 Ultra K range offers:

  • High resistance to mechanical stress during use and very good functionality.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress during use and very good functionality.
  • Superior aesthetics with a wide range of colors and high quality electrostatic powder coating.
  • It has 3 perimetric gaskets made of TPE, offering perfect sealing.
  • Manufactured and installed under controlled production and installation processes that ensure consistently high quality.