EPAL E50 is an integrated sliding system of thermally insulated frames which is ideal for creating durable structures with medium to wide openings. Since it is designed using rectangular sections, it is an ideal choice for the creation of elegant and sophisticated structures.

  • High thermal insulation Uw up to 2.0 W/m2K.
  • Special external drainage system for rapid drainage.
  • It is considered by construction professionals to be highly flexible, as it provides a wide variety of design typologies of designs for the final aluminum frames.

The sliding frames of the E50 range have the following characteristics:

  • Lift & Slide.
  • Profile with a polyamide thermal break of 34 mm along its entire length.
  • High thermal insulation Uw up to 2.0 W/m2K.
  • Perimetric gaskets made of EPDM for improved fitting and sealing.
  • German heavy-duty mechanisms Hautau Atrium Comfort which secure the front part in up to 4 points, offering security and functionality.
  • Accompanied by blinds or shutters, as well as screens.
  • Constructed using specific materials and fittings which fulfill predefined high-quality specifications.
  • Manufactured under controlled production processes that ensure consistently high quality.

The E50 range of sliding frames ensures:

  • Ειδικός εξωτερικός νεροχύτης για γρήγορη απορροή υδάτων.
  • Low track height at 45mm.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress during use and very good functionality.
  • Superior aesthetics with a wide range of colors and high quality electrostatic powder coating.

E50 sliding frames are installed by expert technical staff on any surface, using special fittings and insulating materials that ensure a perfect fit.

EPAL imports glass panes from the world’s leading glass producers.
The E50 sliding frame systems are equipped with double thermal insulating glazing. The type of glass used is Float glass. The main combination is a 6mm Planistar glass outside, 4mm glass inside, and a gap of 15mm between the two glass panes (6Planistar – 15 – 4).
This combination has a thermal transmittance of Ug=1.0 W/m2K and very good soundproofing properties (Rw = 36dB, according to ISO140/3-78 tests – Test No. Α6.121.96).

The double glazing is initially glued using two Butyl PIB cords (special plastic glue) which are placed along the perimeter of the aluminum spacer placed between the two glass panes. Butyl PIB is highly resistant to temperature variations: -30°C to 80°C and 160°C (for a limited period of time) and has very low thermal conductivity. The aluminum spacer is filled with desiccants that ensure a longer life for the glass pane.

Apart from the special Butyl PIB glue, an additional two-component glue (polysulfide sealant) is used externally along the perimeter of the glass; this glue is elastic and also highly resistant to temperature variations. In this way, the air between the two glass panes does not come in any contact with the ambient air, therefore it is impossible for the glass to become less transparent over time.
EPAL has been certified by the German Ift Rosenheim Institute regarding the sealing processes of thermal insulating glazing and thermal insulating glazing using gas in accordance with the DIN EN 1279-2 and DIN EN1279-3 standards.

Apart from the standard 6Planistar– 15 – 4 glazing, which has a thermal transmittance Ug=1.0 W/m2K, the E50 range may also include triple glazing with special coatings – Low E soft coating and Low E hard coating, as well as special gas mixtures that result in a value of Ug=0.5 W/m2K, thus meeting even the strictest specifications.

The aluminum profiles of the E50 range are made of aluminum suitable for manufacturing frames (DIN 1748).

Alloy: AlMgSi05F22
Hardness (Brinell): 70
Breaking strength (N/mm2): 125
Yield stress (Ν/mm2): 160
Elongation Α10 (%): 10

Technical characteristics of the frame and sash:

Rigid and capable of operating under heavy loads
Sash frame (minimum depth): 50 mm
Minimum sash height: 81,5 mm
Minimum rail height: 45 mm
Minimum glass thickness: 34 mm
Maximum sash weight: 400 kg