EPAL Hyline is a minimalist system suitable for projects that require extreme performance levels.

This robust system, designed using double or triple glazing up to 48 mm thick, with a height of up to 6 meters and a glass surface of up to 18 m², offers superior thermal and sound efficiency. Developed with elegance and design in mind, it features one of the thinnest sash dividers, also providing the option of integration with the floor, so that the sash frame is completely concealed. In this way, the presence of aluminum is minimized: what stands out is the glass and what can be seen through it.

The windows of the EPAL Hyline range allow for the inclusion of shading systems, screens, as well as special locks for increased security.

  • Typologies: Option for a single, double or triple track with corner or central opening
  • Large glass surfaces: Maximum height of 6 meters and a total surface of up to 18 m²
  • Glass panes: Option to install triple glass panes and reinforced glass.
  • Louver systems: It allows the installation of shading devices in double glazing, such as electrically driven louvers.
  • Locking mechanism: Multi-point locking mechanism with the option to integrate either electromagnetic or key locks for greater security and control
  • Option to integrate a sliding screen.

The EPAL Hyline range ensures:

  • Minimalist design that perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.
  • Superior performance even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Comfortable and durable operation for frames of large dimensions.
  • Typologies with a single, double or triple track as well as the option for an integrated screen, depending on the needs of the project.