EPAL 18000

Drew Mandel Architects


Connection of the interior with the landscape – Modern Design


Located in Whitchurch-Stouffville, 50 kilometers northeast of the city of Toronto, the existing landscape and watercourse served as inspiration for the project. Designed as a simple plan, one circulation corridor connects ‘fingers’ that, through the variety in orientation and the floor-to- ceiling windows, create different views and reach out into the landscape. Through the design, and the material palette that distinguishes this project, the building is perfectly attuned to the landscape.

“The house became a sort of armature for experiencing the site.” Drew Mandel, project architect.

Design Philosophy: Connection of the interior with the landscape – Modern Design

In order to cover the needs of the project as regards aesthetics and big openings, the “EPAL 18000” range was selected for casement and fit windows and the “EPAL E50” range for sliding windows.

The “EPAL 18000” range has an innovative design with a double thermal break a combination of polyurethane and polyamide, thus lowering the thermal transmittance coefficient up to Uw = 0.78 W/m2K, depending on the combination of glass panes used.

Respectively, “EPAL E50” is an integrated sliding system of thermally insulated frames, which is ideal for creating durable structures with medium to wide openings. It is an ideal choice for the creation of elegant structures, due to the design using rectangular sections, and it provides high thermal insulation up to 1.45 W/m2K, special external drainage system for rapid drainage, and a wide variety of design typologies.

Moreover, the paint used for the aluminum frames was AMMOS 9005 Super Durable by NEOKEM, which is extremely resistant to the weather conditions, while fulfilling all environmental specifications.

Through these choices, the windows that were manufactured contributed to the timelessness and the sustainability of the project, minimizing the carbon footprint, something that in EPAL is fundamental and a priority in every project. EPAL’s Commitment to our Environment:

  • EPAL’s state of the art manufacturing facility uses computer-controlled batch processing to control waste.
  • Current scrap levels are less than 2% and improvement initiatives are underway to lower this even further.
  • Powders used for powder coating are all TGIC & Lead free.
  • VOC’s free finished product.

Meanwhile, there was consideration as regards the carbon footprint during the design process as well. Extensive energy modeling led to increased insulation specification. As a result, a low impact vacation home was built, both in its approach to energy use and its respect to the landscape.