Roto Safe C | C600

Roto Safe C|C600

Roto Safe C | C600 is a multi-point mechanism where the main lock and the individual locking mechanisms use the profile cylinder for locking and unlocking. This high-performance system offers a variety of options for security, comfort and efficiency as required for the entry doors of buildings and apartments.

Roto Safe H | H600

Roto Safe Η|Η600

Roto Safe H | H600 is a multi-point mechanism that locks effortlessly, by pulling the door handle upwards. This system may be disabled at any time using the key.

Roto Safe E | Eneo CC

Roto Safe E | Eneo CC

Roto Safe E | Eneo CC is a multi-point electrical locking mechanism that can lock using a motor.

Thanks to the convenient opening, the locked doors can always open from the inside using the handle grip, so that the house can always be safe even when there is no one inside, while the automatic locking feature offers protection against burglary and theft.