The frames of the EPAL 14200 range are a tested choice that has stood the test of time.

The profiles of the 14200 range have a pour and debridge thermal break that ensures the thermal insulation of aluminum profiles, with three perimetric gaskets for perfect sealing and double glass panes for improved sound insulation.

Thanks to the highly durable German ROTO mechanisms, with their perimeter locking and electrostatic powder coating, the frames of the 14200 range used in numerous past projects offer the same performance today, 15 years after the installation of the frames. It should be noted that these frames are still chosen today as a solution for residential installations.

The frames of the EPAL 14200 Super Thermic range have the following characteristics:

  • Profile with a pour and debridge thermal break.
  • All frames are dual action.
  • Crimp corners.
  • Perimetric locking mechanism. With one turn of the handle, the windows and balcony doors lock at up to 14 points (depending on the frame dimensions), thus providing the highest level of security on the market.
  • The mechanisms used are ROTO NT by the German company ROTO Frank.
  • There are 3 perimetric gaskets made of TPE, offering perfect sealing.
  • Accompanied by blinds or shutters, as well as screens.
  • Constructed using specific materials and fittings which fulfill predefined high-quality specifications.
  • Manufactured under controlled production processes that ensure consistently high quality.
EPAL 14200

The EPAL 14200 Super Thermic range of frames ensures:

  • High thermal insulation up to Uw = 1.79 W/m2K, depending on the combination of glass panes used.
  • The pour and debridge thermal break prevents vapor accumulation on the aluminum surface.
  • High sound insulation levels: Rw = 36dB based on tests conducted in accordance with ISO140/3-78 and ISO717/1. Test No. Α6.121.96
  • High watertightness and airtightness.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress during use and very good functionality.
  • Superior aesthetics with a wide range of colors and high quality electrostatic powder coating.


EPAL 14200 Super thermic range frames are installed by expert technical staff on any surface, using special fittings and insulating materials that ensure a perfect fit.

The aluminum profiles of the EPAL 14200 range are made of aluminum suitable for manufacturing frames (DIN 1748).

Alloy: AlMgSi05F22
Hardness (Brinell):70
Breaking strength (N/mm2): 125
Yield stress (Ν/mm2): 160
Elongation Α10 (%):10



  • Protected by intellectual property rights (patents) registered with the O.B.I. (Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation).
  • Manufactured using extrusion dies designed/owned by EPAL that undergo strict tests regarding acceptable deviations.
  • They are used exclusively by EPAL.
The sections of the aluminum profiles (frame and sash) of the EPAL 14200 range have the following technical characteristics:
Technical characteristics of the frame
Frame width : 100mm
Frame height: 71 mm
Frame weight: 1769gr/m
Technical characteristics of the sash:
Sash width: 72.6 mm
Sash height: 45 mm
Sash weight: 1492 gr/m
Maximum sash width: 1600 mm
Maximum sash height: 2400 mm