The website with the domain name: (hereafter the “Site” or the “Website”) belongs to the enterprise “EPAL INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL S.A. | P. PERPERIS A. RISKOS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY ALUMINUM AND PLASTIC WINDOWS AND DOORS S.A.”, trading as “EPAL”, with registered offices in Thessaloniki, at the 2nd km of the Sindos-Halastra Rural Route (hereafter “EPAL”), which is responsible for operating and managing it and constitutes EPAL’s system for communicating with and informing consumers through the internet.


This contains the Site’s General Terms of Use (hereafter “Terms of Use”) which regulate the relationship between EPAL and visitors to and users of the Site (hereafter “Users”), and specifically all of the content (including, for example, texts, images, graphics, trademarks, logos, etc.) (hereafter “Content”) and the services offered through the Site and which apply each time a User enters the Site and/or uses the Content and its services.


Users should read the Terms of Use that follow carefully before visiting or using the pages and services of the Site and if they find them unacceptable, they must refrain from using the site; otherwise, it is assumed Users accept them unreservedly. The following Terms of Use apply to the entire Content and anything included on the pages of the Site in general.


Intellectual and industrial property rights


The entire Content is the object of EPAL’s intellectual property and is regulated by national and international provisions on Intellectual and Industrial Property, except any expressly acknowledged third-party rights.


It is therefore explicitly forbidden to reproduce, re-post (share), copy, sell, transmit, distribute, publish, translate, or amend in any way, either in part or in summary, without referencing the source, which is EPAL.


By way of exception, storing and copying parts of the Content onto an ordinary personal computer is permitted for strictly personal use, without intention of commercial or other use, and always on condition that the source of the material is stated, without this implying in any way a concession of copyright.


The company names and trademarks used on the EPAL site are registered to the company and are its property.


The Site may occasionally feature third-party logos, trademarks, registered distinctive marks and corporate names. These elements are the property of their respective owners. Any references to products, services, procedures or other information, through trademarks, brand-names, suppliers, manufacturers or other identifying characteristics of owners appearing on the Site, do not constitute nor imply appropriation, recommendation or endorsement by EPAL and are exclusively within the sphere of responsibility of the respective owners.


Changes to content


The information and Content in general included on the Site is subject to changes at EPAL’s discretion, without prior notice. Under no circumstances is EPAL responsible for any loss suffered by any partial or complete change to the Site Content.


EPAL’s limited liability


Without offering any warranty or accepting any liability, EPAL makes every effort to ensure that the information and all of the Content is of the greatest possible accuracy, clarity, timeliness, completeness, correctness and availability. The information, services, material and Content in general are provided “as-is”, without any express or implied guarantee, and which EPAL expressly denies.


EPAL provides no guarantee that the Content and in general the pages and material of the Site will be available without interruption or errors, or that such errors will be rectified. Under no circumstances does EPAL guarantee the correctness, completeness and availability of the Content. Further, EPAL does not guarantee that any other linked third-party web page or website reached from the Site or the servers that make these available are provided without viruses or other harmful components.


Under no circumstances, including that of negligence, is EPAL liable for any losses caused to the public by reason of their using the Site.


Out-of-date material


It is possible there may be published data on the EPAL Site that are no longer valid, such as press releases or notifications.




The newsletters that Site Users who register for the mailing list receive are the intellectual property of EPAL and are therefore protected by the relevant provisions and laws in effect from time to time. EPAL reserves the right not to register someone on its mailing lists or to delete them from these lists.


Exclusion of legal advice


The Content and information included on the Site are for informational purposes only and should not under any circumstances be taken as legal or generally professional advice.


User obligations


Users are required to comply with the provisions of Greek, European and international laws; they are also required to refrain from any unlawful or abusive behavior while using the Site and EPAL’s website in general.


Specifically, any act contrary to law or which may harm EPAL and/or third parties is expressly forbidden and includes:


interfering with the Site with the intent of misleading any third party as to the provenance of the Content for the ultimate purpose of causing harm to EPAL’s image and reputation or those of other bodies associated with EPAL or who are mentioned occasionally in texts or other material included in the Site Content, or intending to endanger the security of transactions and/or to impede free access to the Site;

installing code, program files that may in any way cause the Site to malfunction or which may impede its use by third parties;

causing harm to any third party in any way by using the Site.

Any damage caused to the Site and to EPAL or to the network in general from unlawful use, misuse and in violation of these Terms of Use of the Site and its web pages and/or services by Users are the latter’s responsibility; EPAL reserves the right to exercise any legal right to defend and safeguard its interests and violators will be required to make restitution for any losses suffered by EPAL.

Responsibility for third-party content – Links to third-party websites


EPAL is not responsible for the content and services of other websites to which Users are directed via links or hyperlinks, nor does it guarantee their availability. Links to other websites are provided for the convenience of the public and are in no way binding on EPAL; problems that arise while visiting/using such linked websites fall exclusively within the sphere of responsibility of the respective websites, to which the public should direct any questions.


Amendments to Terms of Use


EPAL is entitled to amend the Terms of Use of the Site from time to time. Users should check the contents of specific web pages for potential changes. The continued use of the Site, even after any changes are made, implies the unreserved acceptance of these Terms by the User.


EPAL is entitled to amend the services it provides through the Site or to temporarily or permanent suspend the operation of the Site at any time at its discretion and without prior notice to Users.




It is expressly agreed hereby that in the event any administrative or judicial legal action or claim is brought against EPAL, its legal representatives or employees that is the result of any type of violation committed by a User, the User shall be responsible, firstly, for intervening in the related judicial process, and secondly, for paying restitution to EPAL in the event it is ordered to pay compensation or other costs.


Applicable law and other terms and conditions


This agreement (Terms of Use) is governed by the provisions of Greek law, by the directives and regulations of European law and applicable international provisions, and is interpreted on the basis of the rules of good faith, fair dealing and the economic and social purpose of the rights related to the use of the website.


If any of its provisions shall be deemed contrary to the law and therefore invalid or liable to be declared null and void, they shall automatically cease to have any force, without the validity of the other provisions being in any way affected. No amendment of the terms of this specific agreement shall be accepted or form part of the agreement unless formulated in writing and incorporated into it.


Any dispute arising from this agreement will be resolved by the competent courts of Thessaloniki.