Our compositions include single, double, triple or quadruple glass panes.
The different glass panes used can be plain, energy-efficient, Triplex or Securit depending on the security and insulation requirements.


Energy-efficient glazing has a special coating on its surface which acts as a mirror, thus reducing the radiation passing through the glass. In this way we minimize the transfer of heat between the house and the external environment and achieve stable temperatures. At EPAL we use Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass panes with very high capabilities of preventing heat transfer from one side to the other and, therefore, higher energy savings.


Triplex glazing is the result of joining two or more glass panes by using a special PVP film. Such glazing is considered to be resistant to breakage, while it does not collapse even when it breaks, as it is held together by the film and therefore injuries can be prevented. This resistance also offers protection from burglary and extreme weather conditions.


Securit glass has been subjected to heat treatment, which renders it harder and impossible to break. If broken, it is shattered into very small pieces of glass, so that injuries are unlikely to occur. Such safety glazing is very resilient against breakage and is used in curtain walls, where the mechanical strength of the glass is the key prerequisite.