EPAL 18000 Ultra K aluminum casement window

The new range of EPAL frames has an innovative design with a double thermal break that combines polyurethane and polyamide, thus lowering the thermal transmittance coefficient up to Uw = 0.78 W/m2K, depending on the combination of glass panes used.

EPAL 20000 aluminum casement window

The EPAL 20000 range combines all of the advantages of the 18000 range, namely a revolutionary thermal break system, a special polyamide and polyurethane design for even better thermal insulation, without sacrificing design or functionality in any way.

The 20000 range, combined with double or triple thermal insulating glazing, constitutes the optimal solution for areas with extreme temperatures.

EPAL Crank Out aluminum casement windows

EPAL Crank Out is a new range of unparalleled beauty and thermal efficiency, designed to cover the minimum needs for free interior space. With swing out features and smart design, EPAL Crank out windows are a solution for those wishing to make the best use of the interior space of their home.

EPAL Slim aluminum casement window

The EPAL SLIM range, consisting of thermally insulated frames with smart design, stability and ease of production, constitutes one of the best solutions for new constructions as well as replacement of old frames. It offers greatly improved thermal insulation while respecting the original style. Its unparalleled design uses a Roto-Frank NT Desegnio mechanism with concealed hinges, so that nothing undermines the appearance of the window.

EPAL 14200 Super Thermic aluminum casement window

The frames of the EPAL 14200 range are a tested choice that has stood the test of time. . The profiles of the 14200 range have a pour and debridge thermal break that ensures the thermal insulation of aluminum profiles, with three perimetric gaskets for perfect sealing and double glass panes for improved sound insulation.