Fixed screens

A fixed screen is ideal for openings, usually small, where an external shutter does not exist or is not used frequently, therefore there is essentially no need to install an opening screen (e.g. bathroom or warehouse windows etc.).

Opening screen door

The opening screen door, which is distinguished for its durability, is equipped with a magnet, aluminum connection corners and a self-closing hinge. It consists of an aluminum profile and a highly resistant fabric. The exact dimensions of the screen can be defined according to the customer’s wishes, while large openings can also be covered.

Suitable for exterior doors or balcony doors.

Vertical screen

The vertical screen is ideal for all aluminum frames.

It is equipped with a vertical motion mechanism and an aluminum frame.

A significant advantage is that the profile and screen can be cut in various dimensions, adapting to each frame and covering each customer’s needs.

It is made of an aluminum profile for the frame, which is cut in the dimensions desired by the customer, and a highly resistant fabric.

The EPAL vertical screen offers functionality and durability, protecting your space from insects and dust.

Parallel screen

The parallel – sliding screen can be used in both window and door openings.
It is characterized by its thin profile, which makes it ideal for limited spaces. The sashes move on rollers parallel to an aluminum frame.

All parallel screens made by EPAL are manufactured according to your specific orders, in the requested dimensions.