EPAL ES70 is an integrated sliding frame system with a lift mechanism and it is considered ideal for constructions with large openings in residential and commercial buildings. ES70 has been designed to provide the users with maximum ease of access to the building’s external areas.

  • High thermal insulation Uw starting from 2.73 W/m2K.
  • Profile with a thermal break along its entire length.
  • Considered ideal for user-friendly structures with high performance and ergonomic operation.
  • Elegant design with flat sections, ideal for residential and commercial projects.

The sliding frames of the ES70 range have the following characteristics:

  • Lift & Slide.
  • Profile with a thermal break along the entire length of the profile.
  • High thermal insulation Uw starting from 2.73 W/(m2⋅K).
  • Heavy-duty mechanisms manufactured by the German company HAUTAU, which secure the front part in up to 4 points, offering security and functionality.
  • They are accompanied by sliding screens.
  • Constructed using specific materials and fittings which fulfill predefined high-quality specifications.
  • Manufactured under controlled production processes that ensure consistently high quality.

The ES70 range of sliding frames ensures:

  • Comfortable and durable operation for frames of large dimensions.
  • Customized solutions
  • High resistance to mechanical stress during use and very good functionality.
  • Superior aesthetics with a wide range of colors and high quality electrostatic powder coating.

ES70 sliding frames are installed by expert technical staff on any surface, using special fittings and insulating materials that ensure a perfect fit.

  • Single-sash, three-sash, four-sash parallel sliding frames
  • Single-sash lift & slide frame with a fixed part, Hotel-type
  • Solution with a low track, with a height of just 25mm
  • Solution with an integrated screen

At EPAL we use glass panes by Guardian and Saint Gobain, two companies that are world leaders in glass production. EPAL ES70 is a sliding frame system with double or triple thermal insulating glass panes that achieve a thermal transmittance Ug = 1.00 W/(m2⋅K) for double glazing and up to 0.7 W/(m2⋅K) for triple glazing, as well as very good sound insulation properties.

The sections of the aluminum profiles of the ES70 range with a triple track (parallel with a screen) have the following technical characteristics:

Technical characteristics of the frame and sash:


Maximum sash width 3300 mm
Maximum sash height 3300 mm
Maximum sash weight: 300kg ( up to 440kg by special order).



Air permeability: Class 4
Watertightness: Class Ε750
Resistance to wind load: Class C5
Thermal conductivity (Uf): From 2,73 W/(m2⋅K)


The aluminum profiles of the ES70 range are painted using electrostatic powder coating in the new, state-of-the-art EPAL plant after appropriate surface treatment (preliminary degreasing and chromating), to ensure better paint adhesion as well as high quality and durability.